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May 2018

Found 4 blog entries for May 2018.

By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018.

Marketing Tips for Home SellersMarketing a home to sell can be a challenge, especially for homeowners who have never sold a home before. There are many ways that home sellers market their property when it's listed for sale. Staging the property, improving curb appeal, hiring a professional photographer and a drone video camera operator are all ways that homeowners can market their property and make it stand out. These tips will help homeowners who are just learning the ropes of selling a home to make their property more attractive to potential buyers.

Stage the Property

Staging is the process of making the inside of a property look more appealing to home buyers. Staging starts with cleaning up the space and removing clutter. Removing clutter from the home is a lengthy

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018.

Myths About Millennial Home BuyersWhen it comes to home buying, Millennials are among the most misunderstood generations. There are many myths surrounding this generation of buyers who have outpaced Baby Boomers as the largest generation. Whether or not Millennials are likely to want to buy a house is a common source of disagreement. It may surprise some to know that many Millennials are active home buyers, some are homeowners and that group is growing all the time.

Millennials Want to Be Renters

It's said that Millennials don't want to be home buyers, they want to be renters forever. Part of this myth stems from Millennial challenges like unwieldy student debt and limited housing supply. Many Millennials also delay getting married and having children to focus on their

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018.

How to Beat the Competition in a Bidding WarWhen a particular market within an area is relatively hot when compared to others, aspiring home buyers can find themselves competing against other home seekers for the same small pool of properties. In these particularly competitive real estate markets, sellers often set prices a little low to encourage a bidding war. With these tips, buyers can work to win the war without completely losing their heads.

Research Market Value

Although bidding wars can be quite common in certain parts of the country, fair market value tends to keep prices in check. The mortgage appraisal acts to protect the buyer's interest as much as the lender's. Since the value of the home is only partially based on demand, there really is little point in bidding much

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018.

Improving Home Insulation: 4 Factors to ConsiderInsulation is one of the easiest ways homeowners can increase energy efficiency and comfort. Improving home insulation does not usually take a lot of time or invasive construction, and can simply resolve a lot of energy efficiency. Here's how people can decide if they need it, and how they might approach the upgrade.

How Can Homeowners Tell if They Might Need More Insulation?

There are a few ways that people can identify a need for more insulation. The clearest is energy efficiency. If a home's heating or cooling system seems to be constantly turning on and off with no other obvious cause, poor insulation in the home might be the culprit. Inadequate insulation in the attic often manifests itself in colder regions through ice dams. Heat

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