4 Simple Steps Durango Home Owners Can Take to Protect Their Home While Away For the Holidays

Home Invasion During the HolidaysThe holiday season is here, which means lots of upcoming travel for many homeowners all across the country. But while you’re away visiting friends and family and enjoying what many consider to be the best time of year, don’t forget to take any and all steps necessary to ensure your home and your belongings are as safe as possible while you’re not home. So before you pack up and leave Durango for the holidays, here are a few quick tips on how to protect your home from a break-in:

1) Install motion detectors

While it may sound simple, motion-activated lights are both effective and affordable. And even though most people know when a light is motion-activated, it’s often times still enough to spook potential home invaders.

2) Hide all your valuables

Keep expensive electronics out of sight, especially from the exterior of your home. Many burglars will scout a home before actually breaking into it, and if they see you aren’t home and plenty of expensive items easily accessibly from outside your home, it’s an easy target.

3) Pack your bags with the blinds/curtains closed

As just mentioned, many home invasions happen as a result of expert surveillance and scouting. If an intruder sees you packing your bags from afar, it gives him all the more reason to keep a closer eye on your home knowing you’re about to leave soon.

4) Have someone check-in every now and then

If you’re going to be gone for a fairly lengthy amount of time, it never hurts to have someone come over periodically just to check-up on things. It also means a car will be in your driveway whenever they’re over at your house, signaling to home invaders that someone may actually be in town or at home rather than away.

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