6 Moving Tips for a Quick and Easy Move

How to Prepare to Move to a New HomeBuying a new home is a big deal, and after closing on it, that’s only half the job that’s done. Now it’s time to move, and whether the new home is a few miles away or across the country, the process is sure to be an ordeal. Here are six tips for anyone who is moving to help make the trip as stress-free as possible. 

1. Get Rid of Clutter

When moving, space is a precious commodity, and it shouldn’t be wasted. So when packing, try to sort through all the things in the home and get rid of as many extraneous things as possible. This goes for things like old box TVs, kitchen tools that aren’t used very often, and old clothes. Now is the time to go through all possessions to ensure that only the essentials are being brought to the new home. The fewer things to pack, the more manageable the job of packing will be, and the more likely it is that everything will fit on the moving truck to Ignacio.

2. Keep Valuables On Hand

Everyone wants to assume the best of other people, but it’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes items are stolen during big moves. In order to protect yourself, keep all valuables on hand rather than passing them off for the movers to take. This can include important documents such as passports and social security numbers, jewelry, and family heirlooms. Keeping these sorts of things on hand is an easy way to make sure they’re safe and protected during the big move. 

3. Label All Boxes

Packing to move is one task, but unpacking is another job entirely. In order to help it go as quickly as possible, label all the boxes as they’re packed. In marker, write clearly a brief list of what’s inside (such as dishes, toys, books, and so on), as well as which room it should go in so the movers know exactly where to put each box. This can help make locating specific items easier so things with the highest priority get put away first.

4. Invest in Bubble Wrap

No one wants to start unpacking at their new home and discover all their dishes and glassware broke along the way. To prevent this, buy bubble wrap or packing peanuts and use them to give fragile items some extra protection against bumps in the road. To ensure the items are safe, fill the extra space in the box with packing material so the items can’t bounce around inside and clearly label all boxes with “FRAGILE” so movers know to take extra care with them.

5. Separate the Essentials

Unpacking can take a while, and if there’s anything that homeowners need on a daily basis, those items ought to be separated from everything else so they’re easily on hand. Be sure to pack a bag with the all the essentials to keep on hand. This includes fresh clothes, toiletries, medications, snacks, pet food, entertainment, and anything else that may be needed during the drive to the new home. 

6. Choose a Reputable Moving Company

There are several different methods to move an entire home’s worth of possessions from one location to another, but one of the most popular is by hiring a moving company. Read online reviews for different ones to find which company sounds the best and keep an eye out for trends. If multiple reviewers say the movers didn’t treat boxes with care, it’s a sign that it may be likely to happen again in the future. 

These are six essential tips for how to make moving a little bit easier. For even more info, check out 60 moving tips and hacks over at Crate Hire UK. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with even more ideas to help streamline organization or give possessions a bit more security.

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