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Durango Real Estate News & Notes

By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019.

What to Do in Durango in JanuaryJanuary in Durango is a time when the streets tend to clear out. Some people head further south for winter, tourists plan trips to sunnier climates, and even residents have a tendency to hibernate. But while there may not be something going on every day of the week, there are still opportunities to get out and about. Starting with the main event, visitors and locals alike can learn more about how the city of Durango celebrates the first month of 2020.


Snowdown is by far the main event in the city of Durango. Held every year by a non-profit committee and taking place in Historic Downtown, the Snowdown is meant to promote the city during one of its less-popular months and give attendees a thrill they won't soon forget.

This event is

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, December 11th, 2019.

Financial Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a MortgageIt's not uncommon for Pagosa Springs home buyers to spend a good bit of time finding the perfect home at a reasonable price. However, during all the excitement and anticipation of being a homeowner, it's all too common for buyers to make a few mistakes when getting a mortgage into place. Here are a few errors that should be avoided.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage or home loan professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Failing to Factor the True Cost of Owning a Home

Even buyers that stick with the concept of ensuring their mortgage payments are less than 30 percent of their pre-tax income quickly discover that there's more to ownership than monthly payments. Forgetting about

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.

How to Improve the Look of Your YardRenovating a backyard doesn't have to be difficult or expensive for most homeowners, but it will require some advanced planning and a little ingenuity. Those who want to spend more time outdoors can consider the following tips for getting their yard back in shape.

Consider the Climate

One of the more common tips homeowners receive is to install a fountain or add a birdbath to their backyard. A rain barrel or rain garden can be a good way to preserve water while highlighting a pleasant element in the yard. Plus, these options can help conserve a homeowner's budget while doing the same for the environment.

For those who want to cut out the need for water altogether, adding more succulents to the yard can improve the aesthetics without soaking

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, November 27th, 2019.

Homeowners: Everything You Need to Know About Window CareYour windows can have a big effect on your comfort and happiness at home. If your windows are well-maintained, your home will be more energy efficient and more attractive overall. If your windows need more maintenance or need to be replaced, your home's value could suffer. Here's what Ignacio homeowners need to know.

Wash Windows and Screens Once Annually

Windows will get dirty if they're not washed regularly. Inside your home, use glass cleaner or water mixed with vinegar and a microfiber cloth.

Your window's exteriors may be more dirty and thus may need extra help. Wash your windows first with water mixed with a few drops of dish soap, then spray down your windows with a hose. Once you're done, wash the windows again with the vinegar and

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, November 26th, 2019.

Which Events Are Best During the Holidays in Durango, Colorado?Durango, Colorado is fun and festive at this time of year. Whether you've got kids in the house or it's just you and a date, you can find a variety of places to go. This list of holiday events touches upon some of the most family friendly and enjoyable activities in the area.

45th Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Festival

The 45th Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Festival is an event bringing together 100 creative vendors selling sauces, dips, jellies, treats, stained glass, clothing, art, Christmas decor and more. Whether you're decorating your house, buying stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for loved ones, the Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival is the place to be. Door prizes make this event even more exciting. Bring friends and family!


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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, November 19th, 2019.

Winter Fun in Durango, Colorado: Where to Be this DecemberDurango, CO is a fun-filled community at all times of the year, but it's even more enjoyable when December rolls around! Whether you're looking for a holiday shopping event or a fun-filled evening with friends and family, Durango has it all. If you're new to the area, here's what you need to know about community events in the Durango area.

Noel Night

The biggest Christmas party and shopping day of the year takes place at Noel Night, featuring local businesses from the Durango area. This event was started over 15 years ago and has since grown into an important tradition enjoyed by locals. People visiting the Noel Night event will enjoy discounts on goods and holiday refreshments. Live music will be provided. Bring your family and have fun!

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Friday, November 15th, 2019.

3 Must-See Yoga Studios in DurangoWith the natural beauty of the mountains and scenery in Durango, many of its residents want to focus on wellness. Yoga, with its gentle exercises and widespread health benefits, is the perfect complement to the lifestyle so many in Durango favor. Here are a few of the best yoga studios to visit in Durango, CO.


Address: Yogadurango, 1485 Florida Rd C-201, Durango, CO 81301

Yogadurango is a woman-owned small business and serves as a yoga community center for residents of Durango. Founded in 2006, Yogadurango serves yoga enthusiasts of all skill levels, providing foundational education for new attendants and advanced classes for more experienced members. They specialize in Ayurveda yoga and offer classes and private sessions, as well

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, November 13th, 2019.

Real Estate Liens: Facts and Ways to Deal with ClaimsUnknown liens and encumbrances can derail a sale, so it's vital to know if there are claims against the property you want to sell. Typically, an owner will be aware of a lien at the time it is filed against the home, but not always. In some cases, the existence of a lien is discovered only during a required title search prior to closing.

A lien is essentially a notice attached to the property deed. It represents a monetary claim, which must be cleared or "satisfied," before the title can be transferred to a new owner. Property liens are public record. In order to be valid, they must be filed, typically with the clerk of the county in which property is located. A lien is valid only for a specified length of time; it varies with the type of lien and

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, November 12th, 2019.

3 Best Hotels to Stay the Night in Durango, CO in 2019As a popular tourist town, Durango is a great stop for vacationers, whether you're interested in the view, the winter sports, or the city's charm and history. If you're visiting Durango or simply want to enjoy a luxurious night at a hotel, here are a few must-see hotels to visit in Durango, CO.

Strater Hotel

Address: Strater Hotel, 699 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301

The Strater Hotel in Historic Downtown Durango has been serving the city since 1887. It is an iconic hotel in Colorado, enjoying historic status from its years participating in the Durango Gold Rush. The Strater Hotel is a living history museum—go into the lobby to see a showcase of the hotel's history, the old west and mining times, as well as about the Barker family who grew the

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

3 Sensational Ski Resorts Near Durango, CODurango is best known as the home of the Durango Narrow Gauge Railway and for having access to some exceptional ski resorts, which are more affordable and less crowded than most. If skiing the San Juan Mountains is on your bucket list, here are three incredible skiing locations around Durango, CO.

1. Purgatory Resort

By far the most popular and amenity-driven ski resort around Durango for skiers of all experience levels, Purgatory Resort is a winter paradise for vacationers and locals. Purgatory Resort boasts seven amazing terrain parks, snowcat skiing and over 1600 acres of skiable terrain that whizzes one through unmatched scenery. Equipment and gear rentals are available in Purgatory Lodge, as well as restaurants, shops, lap pools, a private

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