Downtown Durango Happenings: New Shopping & Dining For 2017

Downtown Durango Happenings The New Year is always representative of new beginnings, and for downtown Durango, there’s a whole lot of “new” going on in terms of recently opened shopping and dining establishments, as recently outlined out by the folks over at the Durango Herald.

On the dining side of things, Cerda 7 Cantina Y Comida just recently made its downtown debut, offering locals some great new food and drink options, and even a place to go dancing on most nights as well. The Living Tree Live Foods Salad Bar also opened up earliest this month, which features a wide range of organic food and signature salads for all you health nuts out there. 

As for new shopping and retail stores to hit the downtown Durango landscape, a Purgatory store just opened up at 2615 Main Avenue that not only sells logo apparel, but also offers a full service ski and snowboard rental service as well. In addition, Brown’s Sport Shoe and Brown’s Shoe Fit will also soon be located right across the street from one another, as Brown’s Shoe Fit will look to move north a few doors to the southeast corner of 9th and Main. 

A new Starbucks is also slated to open up at the former Dairy Queen at 2817 Main Avenue, which will feature a convenient drive-through option for those of us looking for a quick and easy coffee stop during our morning commute. No word yet, though, on when the Starbucks will officially be open for business. 

Good luck to all the new businesses in Durango in 2017!

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