REPORT: Durango City Council Discusses Potential Solutions to Current Housing Shortage

Like in many cities across the U.S. right now, housing inventory is low in Durango, and there’s no doubt it’s having a pretty substantial impact on current market conditions, and most likely how the market will fare for the foreseeable future as well.

Last night, the Durango City Council once again strategized on how to handle the city’s current market shortage, covering a variety of topics that range from extending multi-family development into older, more established parts of town to revising tiny house building codes that could encourage more tiny home development.

As reported in The Durango Herald, another proposed goal by city officials is to ensue more affordable housing is available throughout Durango, and perhaps even reaching a point where 10% of all homes in Durango qualify for affordable housing standards by the year 2040.

One potential problem of note, however, is the lack of available land there is to develop in Durango, which is really nothing the city can change. Although lowering the minimum lot size for a new home is also something the city council is exploring, which would of course encourage density and further growth overall.

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