The Best Farmers Markets in Durango CO

Where to Find the Best Farmers Markets in Durango COFarmers markets are an excellent way to socialize with everyone in the community, regardless of whether they're sellers or buyers. The best part is that farmers markets will grow and adapt to their neighborhoods, sculpting an even better experience as sellers listen to buyers and vice versa. This means that no matter when a shopper stops by, they're sure to find something just a little different. For those looking for the best farmers markets in Durango CO, keep the following locations in mind.

Durango Farmers Market

From pottery to bread to the usual produce, the Durango Farmers Market is a fun place to stock up on groceries or enjoy a homemade tamale. Patrons will find local artists peddling their wares and musicians looking to spice up the atmosphere. Those who come here enjoy the socializing aspect every bit as much as the shopping and snacking. This farmers market takes place on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon from early May to late October. It's their mission to preserve an independent place for sellers and an outdoor space for shoppers to browse.

Original Bayfield Farmers Market

In nearby Bayfield, Durango locals and visitors will find a small haven of local flavor on Highway 160 near the Pine River. This is a great place for friends and family to shop, stroll, and strike up conversations. From hand-made crafts to organic oranges grown with love, there's a lot to discover. Shoppers can find skin and body products made from all natural ingredients, newly harvested honey, and jam made the old-fashioned way. This farmers market runs from 8:30 a.m. to noon every Saturday from early July to early October.

James Ranch

For those who wanted a bit of a departure from the more stereotypical farmer markets around Durango CO, James Ranch would certainly fit the bill. A little more farm than farmers market, this ranch serves up entrees and salads that have all been raised or grown right on the farm. In the store, visitors can find everything from fresh eggs to cheese and they may just meet the chickens and cows that provide their groceries. People love the location because it's open, wholesome, and puts visitors back in touch with the land beneath their feet. James Ranch location is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day except Sunday.

Thanksgiving Farmers Market & Holiday Farmers Market

For those who want to get there holiday shopping done the right way, there are seasonal farmers markets to find seasonal goods. From pumpkins to squash to beans to gifts, there's something for everyone. Unlike the other farmers markets on the list, these markets are held just once a year before the main event. The Thanksgiving market is open in mid-November and the Holiday market is open in early December. Those cooking up a holiday meal will appreciate having the market when they want to enjoy the crisp air filled with scents of fresh food.

Durango CO may not be the largest city in the country, but there's still plenty to do and discover when people know where to go. These farmers markets give everyone a chance to sample, savor, and share some of the very best that Durango has to offer. So whether a shopper is going to find an all-natural body lotion or to stock their freezer before the winter months, there's a little something for everyone.

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