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Food and Entertainment - Durango

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.

The Best Durango, CO Restaurants Offering Mexican FareDurango, Colorado is a community that prides itself on featuring the flavors and cultures of people from around the world. With this in mind, visitors and locals alike will find there are many Mexican restaurants to discover. From those who specialize in authentic dishes to those who make incredible street food, there's a restaurant for every person who appreciates flavorful Mexican food.

These are the best Mexican food restaurants in Durango, CO:

Zia Taqueria

Address: Zia Taqueria, 3101 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301 and Zia Taqueria, 400 S Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO 81301

With an emphasis on simple ingredients, fresh meals and local flavors, Zia Taqueria has quickly become a favorite Mexican restaurant among the people who live in Durango.

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, March 10th, 2020.

4 Must-See Swimming Locations in and Around Durango, COWhen the summer heat kicks in, there's nowhere better to beat the heat than in a refreshing pool of water. Whether you love water slides, swimming pools, or natural bodies of water, Durango is sure to have just the spot for a refreshing day of water fun. Here are our top picks for the best swimming locations in Durango, CO.

Swimming Pools in Durango, CO

While a natural water recreation activity can be fun, sometimes it's easier to enjoy a man-made swimming attraction. If you're looking for a swimming pool, water park, or other fun water attraction, here are a few options for indoor and outdoor pools in Durango.

Durango Community Recreation Center

Address: Durango Community Recreation Center, 2700 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301

For Durango

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, February 25th, 2020.

Put These Durango, CO March Events On Your CalendarThroughout the year, the Durango community rallies together to host events and festivals that bring visitors and locals together. The month of March is no exception. In March, there will be plenty of things to do for active adults, families, artists, entrepreneurs and more.

Here's a list of some of the best events taking place this March in Durango:

Durango Film Festival

Address: Various venues in downtown Durango

Dates: March 4-8, 2020

This is the 15th year that the Durango Film Festival has been hosted in downtown Durango, and the theme for the event is 20/20 Focus on Film. The festival will highlight a variety of independent films throughout the week, focusing on those that offer cultural perspective and artistic interpretation of a

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020.

Durango, CO Indoor Activities to EnjoyAs a historic frontier town, Durango is often considered a rustic and rugged destination where there's plenty to do in the great outdoors. However, visitors and residents alike will be pleased to know that there's a lot of indoor activities to enjoy as well. These activities are perfect for the entire family, and would be an excellent addition to anyone's itinerary.

These are the best indoor activities in Durango, CO:

Visit the Powerhouse Science Center

Housed in a building that was once a coal-fired, steam-powered generating power plant, the Powerhouse Science Center is the premier museum of science in the region. It specializes in providing hands-on experiences and opportunities for visitors of all ages, allowing people to see science in

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, February 12th, 2020.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Durango, Colorado?Durango, Colorado is a community with so much to offer. From fun bars to museums, outdoor activities and engaging community events, Durango is the place to be for having fun with friends and family. If you're moving to the Durango, Colorado area, it's important to know the cost of living. Cost of living includes all the necessities like cost of transportation, housing, food and utilities. Knowing the cost of these basic items can help you decide how much you can expect to spend on a monthly basis, and how much you'll need to earn in order to live a good lifestyle.

What's the General Cost of Living in Durango, CO?

In most cost categories, the cost of living in Durango is not much higher than the rest of the United States. Cost of groceries and

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, January 28th, 2020.

4 Must-See February Events in Durango, COWhether you're a visitor or a new or long-time resident of Durango, this city has plenty of exciting events to get you out of your house and partaking in the city's offerings. This February, if you're looking for something to do, you'll be able to find events ranging from the local strongman competition to music events to a historic and colorful train ride. Here are a few of the best events happening in Durango, CO this February.

Snowdown Balloon Train

Date: February 1, 2020

Address: Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad & Museum, 479 Main Avenue, Durango, CO 81301

Get your ticket and don't be late for the Snowdown Balloon Train! The Durango & Silverton Railroad train is a coal-fired, steam-operated model from the 1920s, outfitted with

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.

Where to Go at Night in Durango, COIf you're looking for something fun to do on an evening with friends in Durango, look no further. Durango's nightlife is lively and varied, with a little something for everyone. From old-fashioned saloons to neighborhood hangouts, there's plenty to see and lots of fun to be had. Below, we've listed the best bars in the Durango area.

The Bookcase and Barber

Address: The Bookcase & Barber, 601 East 2nd Avenue, Suite B, Durango, CO 81301

The Bookcase and Barber, located in Historic Downtown, is an upscale barbershop featuring something unique that most other barbers don't have: a bar hidden behind a bookcase. The cocktails have been named after (and custom-made to appeal to) famous authors. If you love books, reading or just want to enjoy a

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, January 14th, 2020.

What Should I Know Before Moving To Durango, CO?While this quaint mountain town goes unnoticed by most of the world, those who experience its inspiring scenery and encounter the community's eclectic collection of friendly residents can easily get hooked. In fact, many feel so connected here, that they give serious consideration to moving to Durango, CO. Here's what one should know before packing their bags for a permanent move.

The Wonderful Weather

Every season in Durango has a unique charm and brings about a new set of activities along with a fresh set of scenic backdrops. Seasonal weather on average by season is as follows:

Winter in Durango: Snow graces the Rockies here for about half the year, and the average winter temps are between 13 and 47 degrees Fahrenheit (8.33 °C). While the

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Thursday, December 19th, 2019.

Where Are 4 Must-See Pizza Parlors in Durango, CO?Durango is full of great locally owned restaurants with delicious food, and the assortment of pizza parlors in the city are no exception. If you're looking for a delicious slice of pizza, here are some of the best pizzerias in Durango, CO.

Fired Up Pizzeria

Address: Fired Up Pizzeria at 735 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301

Fired Up Pizzeria in Historic Downtown Durango prides itself on its use of high-quality ingredients and traditional methods to make a good pizza. Hand-made dough, a wood-fire stove, and a variety of local and imported ingredients are used to make every pizza as great-tasting as it can be. This pizzeria also offers sandwiches and salads for those who want something a little lighter to eat, made with the same dedication and

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By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019.

What to Do in Durango in JanuaryJanuary in Durango is a time when the streets tend to clear out. Some people head further south for winter, tourists plan trips to sunnier climates, and even residents have a tendency to hibernate. But while there may not be something going on every day of the week, there are still opportunities to get out and about. Starting with the main event, visitors and locals alike can learn more about how the city of Durango celebrates the first month of 2020.


Snowdown is by far the main event in the city of Durango. Held every year by a non-profit committee and taking place in Historic Downtown, the Snowdown is meant to promote the city during one of its less-popular months and give attendees a thrill they won't soon forget.

This event is

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