5 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

5 Tips for Organizing Your GarageA garage can be a tremendous opportunity to store all those extra items that either won't fit in the home or aren't practical to keep there. From sports equipment to a classic car to extra groceries, garages are a safe, clean, and dry place that can open a world of possibilities to all.

Despite all this, so many Vallecito Lake homeowners end up with messy spaces that end up being more bothersome than helpful. People may not want to go out to the garage for fear of spider webs or dust. They may just avoid it because it's impossible to find anything without first searching for hours. Learn more about what it takes to organize a garage, so all residents can make use of the total square footage.

Bring in Shelves

The walls can be a great spot to put everything where people can actually see things. When homeowners take the time to put up shelves, an organization system can start to take hold. Experts recommend putting similar items in one area, so owners may want to place the most heavily used items, such as extra food or cleaning supplies, upfront and center. When the shelves start to look a little dusty, this can also make it easier to maintain the most popular spaces during spring cleaning.

Use Hooks

Hooks are there to hold onto the major items, such as paddleboards, rakes, or fishing rods. When homeowners hang things up, it helps keep everything a little cleaner, which can extend the lifespan of larger items. A skateboard that's allowed to sit for the winter months in the corner of the garage may have too much rust on it to be used the following spring.

Install Drawers

An organized garage isn't just a way to help residents feel a little less stressed when they need to find something, it's also a great way to save money. Buying things in bulk can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings over the course of a single year. Pull-out drawers are the perfect place to store everything from canned vegetables to toilet paper. (For those who would prefer to skip the installation process, storage bins can be just as effective.)

Get Creative with Tacks

Tacks in a garage can look like anything homeowners want them to:

  • Use a clothesline and clothespins to hang up winter scarves or summer hats
  • Hang a pegboard and use it for all the light-weight tools
  • Buy wall racks and use the leverage for additional storage baskets
  • Add magnets to the shelving and stick metal items to them

Clean It Up

This is likely the most important action homeowners can take to organize their garage. It's easier to keep the house clean on a daily basis because it's a far more utilized space. But because a garage may see full months when no one needs to be in it, it can start to quickly deteriorate over time. When homeowners make the effort to clean it though, they notice where the garage could use some maintenance. They start strategizing how it can be used more effectively. Sometimes, it just takes eyes on the problem to find the solution.

No matter how people use their garage, it helps to have an organized space. Letting it spin out of control will just mean more work later on. Use these tips to keep everything together, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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