Historic Homes For Sale in Durango Still Highly Sought After By Today's Modern Home Buyers

Historic Homes For Sale in Durango, COA mountain town with a very rich history, Durango was first organized all the way back in 1881 by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad (D&RG) in order to serve miners working in the San Juan mountain range. Along with its optimal position right in the heart of the Animas River Valley, the town's close proximity to several lakes, in addition to the Animas River, also made the Durango real estate market an attractive place to settle during its very earliest beginnings, which is one of the primary reasons why it's now the most populous municipality in all of La Plata County, CO.

Because Durango dates back to the late 1800s, historic homes for sale are actually quite prevalent on the Durango real estate market, especially close to downtown. From charming Victorian style homes to more traditional farmhouses, there's something special about some of Durango's oldest houses on the market, even despite their age.

You won't find all the latest and greatest eco-friendly features or built-in electronic devices in Durango's incredible collection of historic homes, but given the quality and craftsmanship put into each when they were first built, many look as if they could still stand another 100+ years. In a few instances, you may find some updating here or there that has been thoughtfully and tastefully implemented, but if you're someone who appreciates older homes and home styles, it's more about the vintage allure than the modern conveniences you'll see associated with most recently built Durango homes today.

So for a closer look at historic homes for sale in Durango, CO, check out the active MLS listings featured below or give me a call to schedule a private home showing for something you might want to see in person!


Historic Homes For Sale in Durango CO

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