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Buying a Home? Which Floor Plan Should You Choose?

By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020.

Everything to Know About Floor Plans When Buying a HomeIt's rare for home buyers to spend a lot of time thinking about the floor plan where they're going to buy a Cortez home. What many home buyers don't realize is how much the floor plan of the home they buy will impact their personal happiness once they've settled into their house. Knowing the pros and cons of different types of floor plans can help you decide which type of floor plan is right for you.

Traditional Floor Plan Vs. Open Floor Plan

Traditionally, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens had distinct walls and doors that separated one room from another. In recent years, open floor plans have become more popular. Open floor plans have fewer walls between rooms, and fewer doors as well. In an open floor plan home, the living room, dining room and kitchen might blend together all into one big space.

Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

  • Everyone in the house can mingle in the same space without working on the same activities.
  • Many homeowners find it's easier to entertain in an open floor plan home.
  • Open floor plans are flexible, so the homeowner can choose how much floor space to dedicate to the living room versus kitchen, and so on.

Benefits of a Traditional Floor Plan

  • Traditional floor plans have more separation and privacy between the rooms of the house.
  • Traditional floor plans have been used for decades and are known to be more than just a passing trend.


One-story homes, like ranch-style homes, are spread out over one floor. The great benefits of many one-story homes is that they have no stairs and can be very safe. Many parents of small children are often attracted to one-story homes because they never have to worry about their child falling down the stairs.

These homes are practical for aging in place, and also practical for raising a family. One-story homes are often more modest in size and therefore more modest in price, which can also attract buyers.


Two-story homes are usually built with living quarters upstairs and common areas downstairs. For homeowners who like to entertain but have children who need to get to bed early, a two-story home can have privacy upstairs and good space for entertaining downstairs. Two-story homes also have a smaller footprint than one-story homes of the same square footage.

Contact a Real Estate Professional

Need to know more before you make a decision? Ask a real estate professional to take you to see different types of floor plans in homes that are for sale right now. Your real estate agent can help you get a good view of the different types of floor plans available in the area where you'd like to buy a home. Your real estate professional can also help you prioritize the other variables that need to be taken in to consideration when buying a home. To get started with your home buying experience, contact an experienced real estate professional today.

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