7 Valuable Tips to Keep Household Pests Away

How To Remove Pest From Your HomePest control is important for homeowners hoping to maintain good quality of life and high property values. Pests in the home do not have to be a crisis. To maintain a pest-free home, it's important to keep the house clean and well maintained. These tips will help homeowners who struggle to keep their home free of bugs, mice and vermin.

Maintain a Clean Home

Pests are attracted to food bits, crumbs, water spills and other forms of debris and dirt that can litter the floor of the home. For this reason, maintaining a clean home is very important. There are many ways this can be done.

  • Take out the trash nightly.
  • Wash the dishes as soon as they become dirty.
  • Hire a cleaning person or give the home a thorough cleaning every week.
  • Clean under beds, couches and other large pieces of furniture on a regular basis.

When cleaning, it's important for homeowners to place emphasis on removal of food and water spills that could attract pests like mice and insects.

Stuff Holes

Pests usually enter the home through cracks and holes in the house. Sealing the spaces under the door and repairing broken vents that lead into the home is a good way for homeowners to keep pests out of the house. A good time to do this is in mid to late fall, when pests are often seeking shelter from cold outside temperatures. It's also smart to check the home for holes during the spring, when many animals and insects begin to breed.

Remove Water and Food Sources

Mice and other rodents can easily chew through food boxes and bags. When a mouse finds the pantry, he or she might chew through a variety of food boxes. In addition, mice and bugs are often use plumbing leaks as their water source. To prevent persistent plumbing leaks, homeowners are best served hiring a professional rather than attempting a DIY repair.

To prevent mice and insects from finding food, homeowners must keep food inside plastic or glass containers. It's also important to make plumbing repairs as soon as they're discovered, and to check under sinks regularly for leaks.


Clutter gives insects and rodents a good place to hide. Many household pests also use paper clutter for bedding and nesting purposes. The more clutter exists in the home, the more inviting the house is to household pests. De-cluttering on a regular basis is a good way to control pests while also giving them fewer places to hide in the house.

Contract With a Pest Control Service

Many pest control services offer a subscription plan that includes monthly or quarterly visits to the house. Contracting with a pest control service gives the homeowner a good resource to fall back on when household pests become a problem.

Watch For Warning Signs of Pests

There are many warning signs that a house has become infested with mice, bugs and other animals. These warning signs include:

  • Mysterious holes in walls or food packages.
  • Mouse or insect feces found on the floor, in cabinets and in other out of the way areas.
  • Scratching sounds in the walls and ceiling.
  • Sightings of animals and insects.

As soon as these warning signs are noticed, it's important for Silverton homeowners to contact a pest control company immediately.

Know Which Pests Are Most Prevalent

Pests vary from one geographic region to the next. Homeowners who know which pests are most common in their area can fortify their home against those particular type of pests. This can help protect the house and keep it pest free.

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