4 Advantages of Installing Inset Cabinetry in Your New Kitchen

Why You Should Install Inset CabinetryFor people who just want the best kitchen renovations, inset cabinets are one of the best options. This low-profile cabinet design is key to creating a sleek, modern look that draws in buyers. 

When weighing all your options for a kitchen renovation, inset cabinets may be more expensive than the alternatives. However, in return, you get to enjoy an ultra-luxury aesthetic without doing a complete overhaul of your kitchen. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the advantages of installing inset cabinetry in your kitchen. 

What Is Inset Cabinetry?

Inset kitchen cabinetry is cabinetry with the doors for the cabinets installed inside the cabinets. The cabinet doors are set in a way that they fit flush against the cabinet frame - in other words, the doors for these cabinets are set inside their frames. 

Of course, this makes these cabinets trickier to make than overlay cabinets that we usually see in most houses, and it also makes these cabinets more expensive. In most cases, you cannot get ready-to-assemble inset cabinetry and need to have it all custom-made. 

Advantages of Inset Cabinets

While inset cabinets are more expensive than overlay cabinets, they’re an easy choice for people who want to have a kitchen that looks great and remains decluttered. Here are a few things to love about these cabinets. 

Neat and Clean Look

Since the cabinet doors are made to fit inside the cabinets, the overall look of your kitchen will be completely streamlined. Inset cabinets will fit seamlessly with your walls and interior instead of sticking out, and the overall effect is beautiful. Overlay cabinets can get in your way while cooking, whereas inset cabinets give you the room you need to work your culinary magic. 

Made Just For You

Inset cabinets are usually custom-made. There’s no kitchen just like yours, so the cabinets need to be measured for your specific space.

As with most custom-made furniture and fixtures, this ensures that the material used is high quality and that they’re made precisely to fit your storage needs and design wants. 

More Design Freedom

When you’re having anything custom-made, you can ensure it’s exactly how you want it to be. No more compromising on color, style, or materials. Custom-made inset cabinets let you have it all. 

The options for this kitchen renovation are almost endless. You can choose the colors you want the cabinets to be, whether you want exposed hinges or not, the hardware style, and everything else about them. 

A Modern Look That Lasts

The seamless style and inset cabinetry’s ability to fit in with any interior design - be it modern or traditional - means that they go well with any kitchen style. In the case of overlay cabinets, you often need to choose between one style or another because you know that they may or may not go with the rest of the kitchen. Refurbishing your cabinets with an inset style will match any home decor style.

Inset Cabinetry: Subtle Design With Big Impact

Inset cabinetry looks great and works well. The custom design costs extra, but there’s so much to gain. Inset cabinets designed just for you will make storage a breeze, free up space while cooking, and establish a modern aesthetic that is sure to impress your guests and buyers when staging your kitchen to sell. Make your kitchen your own with inset cabinetry. 

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