Marketing A Home To Sell: Advice for Home Sellers

How to Market Your Home to SellMarketing a home to sell can be a challenge, especially for homeowners who have never sold a home before. There are many ways that home sellers market their property when it's listed for sale. Staging the property, improving curb appeal, hiring a professional photographer and a drone video camera operator are all ways that homeowners can market their property and make it stand out. These tips will help homeowners who are just learning the ropes of selling a home to make their property more attractive to potential buyers.

Marketing Strategies for Every Home

Marketing is extremely important if you want your home to sell in a timely manner, so keep these strategies in mind when preparing to post your home on the market.

Stage the Property

Staging is the process of making the inside of a property look more appealing to home buyers. Staging starts with cleaning up the space and removing clutter. Removing clutter from the home is a lengthy process that takes weeks or months. Many homeowners must start removing clutter months in advance to have their homes cleaned out for the first showing. If there are things that you want to keep but add too much clutter to your staged home, renting a storage unit for excess can be a great solution.

Once the clutter has been removed, many homeowners will focus on decorating. Decorating a property to sell is often a much different process than decorating it for personal use. Many homeowners start by painting their rooms. The best colors for marketing to home buyers are often neutrals like beige, cream, gray, and brown. These colors can be matched to most decor and, therefore, have widespread appeal.

Take Professional Photographs

Photographs of the property help make the real estate listing attractive. Taking proper real estate photographs can be difficult. Often, interior spaces in real estate photographs seem flat and less spacious. It's common for large segments of rooms to be cut out of amateur real estate photographs.

Professional real estate photographers are trained to take flattering pictures of home interiors and exteriors so the rooms appear as clean, spacious, and flattering as possible. Homeowners hire professional real estate photographers to ensure that their home looks as good as possible in the listings. This can help attract more buyers to the property.

Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a crucial part of marketing a home. A well-landscaped property with trim grass creates a good impression on buyers when they pull up to the house. There are many small ways that homeowners can boost the curb appeal of their property.

For example, for buyers, grass should be properly watered and trimmed to be lush and green. Another part of improving curb appeal is cutting back overgrown trees and shrubs. Trees that hang over the house can cause damage to the roof while also enabling rodents to enter the house through the attic. Overgrown shrubs, meanwhile, can cast the house in shadow while also giving the appearance that the homeowner does not properly maintain the yard.

A dirty home exterior can detract from the appearance of the property. Many homeowners boost curb appeal by power-washing the home's facade and the paths leading up to the property.

Planting annuals in the flower beds outside is an easy way to make the home attractive. Annual plants are easy for homeowners to grow, even when trying to sell a home. Many annuals produce abundant flowers all summer long.

Finally, an old paint job can deter buyers who don't want to have to paint their home shortly after moving in. Painting the outside is an excellent way to make the house look tidy, attractive, and well-maintained.

Make a Drone Video Tour

A drone video tour is an excellent way to draw attention to a property. Drone video tours are still relatively new, and not many home sellers use this tactic yet, so any home with a drone video is likely to attract attention to itself. Drone videos are most effective on properties that are large and expansive, as well as on properties with luxury homes. Homeowners can work with their real estate agents to determine whether or not a drone video is right for their property.

Make a Buyer Book

Some homeowners market their homes to buyers by creating a binder or book of information about the house and the neighborhood where the house is located. This is an excellent way to point out interesting and important things about the property and the area where the house is located. This book is left on the table when buyers come through the house for a showing.

Work Closely With Your Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent should have various ideas for marketing a home to buyers. If you're a homeowner who wants to sell your property and seek more ways to market your home, contact a real estate professional today. He or she can make suggestions that can help you make your home more appealing to buyers.

How to Make Your Home Stand Out

As you prepare your home for the real estate market, you may already be wondering what extra steps you can take to attract more buyers and give yourself the benefit of the best possible selling experience.

Accomplishing this can be easier than you might think if you choose to utilize some or all of the following tips designed for capturing and holding buyer interest.

Show Off the Home's Size

One of the most common questions buyers ask when searching for homes to view is about the size of the home. They want to know that they and their furnishings will fit comfortably into the home they buy now and in the future. To ensure that buyers see your home as having plenty of space for their needs and comfort, sellers should optimize the space they have. Here are some easy ways in which sellers can make their homes feel as spacious as possible before putting their home on the market:

  • opt to lighten up dark rooms with light wall colors and as much natural light as possible to make them appear more open
  • get rid of excess possessions and furnishings or choose to store them offsite while the home is on the market
  • create extra "living space" where there is none by adding an area rug and seating to an unfinished basement area or adding some paving stones and a bench to an outside area to form a casual seating area
  • clearing countertops in kitchens and baths to make them feel more spacious
  • installing shelving in storage rooms, closets, and garages to organize them

Help Buyers Understand the Area

Convenience is another important factor for buyers when searching for the best possible home. In most cases, buyers are looking for a home that is located near employment, schools, parks, shopping, transportation, or services that they need and use.

Sellers can help prospective buyers see their home as a convenient choice by providing them with a copy of a map that shows the location of the home, as well as the location of schools, transportation routes, shopping, healthcare, major employers, churches, parks, and other locations conveniently near the home.

Display the Home's Value

Another way for sellers to help capture and hold the interest of prospective buyers is to ensure that buyers see the value in the actual structure of the home, its contents, and the lot or land on which the home sits. To do this, sellers may make sure that marketing materials and disclosures reflect improvements that have been made to the home during their ownership. Some of these might include:

  • appliances included with the sale that may have been recently replaced or upgraded
  • improvements to systems of the home, such as HVAC, plumbing, or electrical circuits
  • upgrades to kitchens and baths, such as countertops, fixtures, flooring, and lighting
  • upgrades to the shell of the home, such as new roofing, siding, or windows
  • upgrades to the land or lot, such as landscaping to improve access or drainage or the addition of trees, bushes, and fences
  • improvements to provide more safety and security, such as the installation of security lighting, alarms, cameras, or other security features that will be included in the sale of the home

Show a Willingness to Negotiate

Even the best-prepared homes can have issues that risk the potential sale. When an inspection or other issue arises that threatens to jeopardize the sale of the home, sellers who are willing to negotiate fairly with their buyers to resolve the issue will be more apt to close the sale successfully.

To do this, sellers can have their real estate professional engage in a conversation with the buyer's agents and buyers that expresses their willingness to work out the issue fairly for both sides. In many cases, buyers are often willing to accept a small credit at closing or some other concession instead of backing out of the sale, creating a win-win for both parties.

Standing out to home buyers is no easy task, but with these tips and the help of a great real estate agent, you should be able to find the right buyer

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