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Million Dollar Homes For Sale in Durango CO Believe it or not, luxury real estate occupies a fairly sizable portion of the Durango real estate market, even despite the city having only around 17,500 residents. In most cities where the population is less than 20,000 people, chances are you might find a few luxury homes that maybe sit on lots of open land or are perhaps located somewhere in the downtown area while also having some sort of historical significance. In most cases, though, the inventory of high-end single-family homes typically doesn't go much deeper than that.

But as you're likely already aware, however, the city of Durango is not most cities.

Because Durango has such a thriving tourist industry that brings in people from all over the world, luxury real estate here is much more prevalent than in other smaller cities around the country. Whether it's someone looking for a high-end vacation property or simply a home buyer wanting to fully enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of this charming La Plata County community in style, you'll likely find there's definitely no shortage of million dollar homes scattered all throughout the Durango area.

So for a closer look at some of the hottest luxury homes in Durango, check out every MLS listings in town that's priced at $1 million and over. And as always, for more information about a particular property or to schedule a private home tour, give me a call today at your earliest convenience!

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