Prepping Your Durango Home Now to Sell This Spring

Durango Home Improvement If you’re hoping to cash in on the busy spring housing market, now is the time to start prepping your home to sell. From simple ways to spruce up your home to calling in the professionals, starting early can really pay off.

Improve curb appeal

The first thing that needs your attention is the curb appeal of your home. Curb appeal can definitely make or break a sale, well before prospective buyers even step through your front door.

Make sure the landscaping is in tip-top shape and cut back on overgrowth before the next growing season sets in. Also, clean out gutters and add some paint. Even just a pop of color on the front door can help.

Call the professionals

If you have any major repairs that need to be taken care of, now is also a good time to get them off your list. You may want to call in the professionals if you think you might have a problem with your heating and cooling units, electrical issues or other potential problems that may sway buyers away from your home.

Declutter the inside

Now is also the time to start decluttering your home. Use this time to clear out closets and storage areas, which will make your home appear larger and better allow prospective buyers to see your property.

You’ll also want to start putting up things like photographs and seldom played with toys, as well as other extra décor and furnishings.

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