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Homes Near Durango SchoolsIn many instances, a home buyer’s wish list often seems endless, filled with any number of characteristics that relate to interior finishes, the size of a home, and of course a home’s individual location. And when it comes to where a home for sale is located, living near a wide-range of community amenities and attractions can definitely come in handy, which not only include shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations, but also local schools as well.

Whether you work at a Durango school or have children who attend one of our local Durango schools, living nearby has plenty of advantages, especially if you’re situated only a few blocks away. Depending on the age(s) of your children, living close by means they’ll be able to walk to class everyday, which can sometimes take the pressure off you having to take them or drop them off. Furthermore, police and local authorities often monitor school zones a bit more closely, consequently making homes for sale near schools much safer than in your typical neighborhood.

Outdoor amenities also help making living near a school desirable, as most feature playground equipment, basketball courts, and various other sports fields and open green space that’s easily accessible if you’re not far away. So if you can put up with a little more traffic in the area when school is in session, you might find that the benefits of living near a Durango school often outweigh the downsides depending on your individual needs and wants in a new place to live.

To begin searching homes for sale near Durango High School and Needham Elementary School specifically, check out the active MLS listings below, or give me a call for help finding your new dream home here in beautiful Durango, CO.

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