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3 Tips for Better HVAC Maintenance

By Ryan Poppe - Last Updated: Wednesday, February 12th, 2020.

How to Maintain and Care for an HVAC SystemThe HVAC system in a home tells a story about how much Bayfield homeowners pay in energy bills and whether the air they inhale is safe. But despite these important factors, it's still easy for homeowners to ignore their duct work. Learn more about what it takes to maintain an HVAC system, so everyone can breathe a little easier.

Filters First

Pet hair, dust, dirt: these seemingly invisible particles can clog up a filter quickly. In fact, some homeowners may have to change their filters as often as once a month! Some homeowners can keep their filters for up to 6 months, but these are generally the people who are meticulous about cleaning. It's important to note the rate of accumulation in the first few months of homeownership to get a sense of how often to change out the filters.

Inspect the Home

Residents may be surprised at just how much detective work they can do with just their five senses. How much dust is revealed in a ray of sunlight? Does the air smell musty? Is there visible evidence of mold or mildew? These are all things that either reveal or affect the quality of ventilation in the home. Experts recommend periodically pulling out the vents or inspecting the area around the air-handlers for evidence of bacteria or spore growth. Finally, be sure to take care of any standing water immediately to prevent mold.

Look at the Elements

Homeowners who really want to go the extra mile should try the following tips:

  • Dismantle and clean the fans.
  • Replace the cassettes and bearings on the fan systems when they begin to fail.
  • Periodically check the belts of the HVAC system and realign, loosen, tighten, etc. when necessary.

Most homeowners will know when the system starts to fail because it begins to make noise. However, there are also ways to spot problems during routine inspections as long as they're performed regularly.

Taking care of the HVAC system carries the same principles as taking care of the home. The more observant homeowners are to the surrounding changes, the more time they'll have to act on problems when they arise. This commitment not only saves money, but time too.

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