Window Care and Maintenance for Homeowners

Homeowners: Everything You Need to Know About Window CareYour windows can have a big effect on your comfort and happiness at home. If your windows are well-maintained, your home will be more energy efficient and more attractive overall. If your windows need more maintenance or need to be replaced, your home's value could suffer. Here's what Ignacio homeowners need to know.

Wash Windows and Screens Once Annually

Windows will get dirty if they're not washed regularly. Inside your home, use glass cleaner or water mixed with vinegar and a microfiber cloth.

Your window's exteriors may be more dirty and thus may need extra help. Wash your windows first with water mixed with a few drops of dish soap, then spray down your windows with a hose. Once you're done, wash the windows again with the vinegar and water mixture.

To clean your screens, remove the screens and place them in a tub with a mixture of water and dish soap. Rinse the screens thoroughly when you're finished with water from a hose. Lean the screens against your home to allow them to dry before putting them back in their place.

Vacuum Window Screens As Needed

Window screens will get dusty between washings. Vacuum your window screens as needed with a vacuum and extension hose.

Caulk Windows to Seal Your Home

Caulk may be used to seal the gaps between your windows and their frames, but over time, caulk will deteriorate. You can fix this problem by re-caulking your windows every few years. Check caulk around the windows for cracks or gaps. If the caulk is no longer secure, use a scraper to remove the old caulk. Wash the gaps to remove any excess debris, then install new caulk.

Home Drafty? Have Your Windows Inspected

Windows don't last forever. Over time, your windows may start to deteriorate, which can reduce your home's energy efficiency. Weatherstripping can help, but at some point most windows just need to be replaced.

If your home is very drafty, or if you have a hard time keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, talk to a window contractor to see if your windows need repair or replacement. Sometimes a little TLC is all it takes to make your windows more functional; other times windows just need to be replaced.

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