3 Yoga Studios to Visit in Durango, CO

3 Must-See Yoga Studios in DurangoWith the natural beauty of the mountains and scenery in Durango, many of its residents want to focus on wellness. Yoga, with its gentle exercises and widespread health benefits, is the perfect complement to the lifestyle so many in Durango favor. Here are a few of the best yoga studios to visit in Durango, CO.


Address: Yogadurango, 1485 Florida Rd C-201, Durango, CO 81301

Yogadurango is a woman-owned small business and serves as a yoga community center for residents of Durango. Founded in 2006, Yogadurango serves yoga enthusiasts of all skill levels, providing foundational education for new attendants and advanced classes for more experienced members. They specialize in Ayurveda yoga and offer classes and private sessions, as well as yoga therapy to improve both physical and mental wellness.

4 Corners Yoga

Address: 4 Corners Yoga, 1309 E 3rd Ave #32, Durango, CO 81301

4 Corners Yoga is a yoga studio in the heart of Downtown Durango, which specializes in Lyengar yoga techniques. As a yoga method specializing in the use of props, Lyengar is often performed with rope walls, yoga horses, and other assistive equipment available at 4 Corners. 4 Corners Yoga encourages visitors of any skill level and physical ability to stop by, as they specialize in making yoga available to everyone, regardless of physical limitations.

Sunrise Yoga

Address: Sunrise Yoga, 2929 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301

Sunrise Yoga is a Durango yoga studio offering both indoor and outdoor yoga classes to get attendants in touch with their body and nature. Sunrise Yoga specializes in Hatha yoga, or Flow yoga style, with an emphasis on breath awareness, spinal health, body alignment, and mind/body awareness. Yoga mats and other gear are provided, so feel free to swing by any time for a class.

Visit a Must-See Durango Yoga Studio Today

Yoga as a trend has swept across the nation, inciting a wellness movement that has helped countless individuals develop better health and attunement with their body. Look here for some great deals on yoga clothing. If your career is impacting your Longevity, visit a Durango yoga studio to enjoy these benefits and improve your lifestyle today.

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