Selling and Buying at the Same Time?

Many things can change in your current lifestyle, creating a need to expand into a larger home. This is a common move for many of our buyers. We understand that purchasing a larger home sometimes means a bigger house payment. We are here to direct you to lenders, and help to keep your payments within your comfort level, while helping get you the home you need.

Current market trends may put you in a more favorable position than you think. As the economy continues to bounce back, lenders have been a bit more lenient than in previous years, allowing current qualified buyers to reap the benefits of very low rates. Rid yourself of those old high interest payments while there is still time! This may be the perfect opportunity to find your dream home with a better interest rate than you currently have.

Owning a home in Durango or surrounding communities currently puts you in an area with low inventory, meaning your property should command a higher price.

This Process May Not be as Hectic as it Sounds!

At first glance, the task of selling and buying may seem daunting. A well-organized REALTOR® will be able to walk you through each step of the process seamlessly. An agent who is hands-on throughout the entire process and keeps you fully informed every step of the way will make selling and buying at the same time seem effortless.

There are no costs associated with providing you the current market value of your home. We will run through different scenarios that fit your exact situation and put contingencies in place so you don't end up homeless!